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Efficiency up to 90% and humidity transfer with Accubloc®

Accubloc is a regenerative heat exchanger with two or more static storage matrixes, designed for installation in an air handling unit.
Instead of rotating a heavy storage matrix only the airstreams are changed by dampers. The dampersystem periodically alternates the airstream. While one storage matrix is loaded (cooling of warm airstream) the other matrix is reloaded (heating of cold airstream).



  • Highest Efficiency to 90%
  • Humidity is transferred in cases when one of the airstreams cools below dew point
    therefore no freezing, no condensate
  • No supplementary heater required
  • Controllable efficiency by 0-10 V input signal to the integrated controller
  • Individual dimensions exactly fitting the AHU. No extra width of AHU necessary.
  • TÜV certified performance
  • Independent tests in line with EN 308 from HSLU Lucerne
  • Removable storage matrixes for easy cleaning.
  • Fulfilling VDI 6022


Humidity transfer over 75% with sorption coating

The storage blocks can be coated with a high-efficient sorption coating. The humidity transfer reaches a minimum of 75% over the
complete temperature range. During heating period most humidifying energy can be saved.


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