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POLYBLOC, Focus on highest Efficiency

POLYBLOC, pioneer in advanced heat recovery systems, has been producing heat exchangers since 1982.

After years of continual growth POLYBLOC has become one of the leading manufacturers for applications of very high standards, i. e. highest efficiency, very high compressive resistance as well as temperature and corrosion resistance.
POLYBLOC offers a wide range of products which are tailored to the requirements of customers
in an optimal way.

With a continual focus on future-oriented technology POLYBLOC has developed significant
products for energy recovery.
Continual product management resulting in the updating and modernisation of products with a
well-trained and motivated staff forms the base for good and long-lasting customer

POLYBLOC products promise very high energy savings and are therefore a wise and economic investment for the environment.

Our employees with regular customer contact (f.l.t.r.):
Silvio Seifert, Michelle Santandrea, Lorenz Weber, Peter Müller, Astrid Horvath, Mark Castelli, Claudia Meister, Ali Krasniqi, Sylvia Herzog, Alex Herzog


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